Saturday, March 28, 2015

Petitations—A Low Cost, No Risk Calming Intervention for Your Hyper or Anxious Dog or Cat

I’m a public health researcher by training. However, today I am not describing research; I’m reporting to you my experiences. This is because using Petitations has been so dramatic in my own life that I believe sharing is worthwhile now AND will be after the research has been done.

The other day, my pups Pippi and Pago were tearing around the living room, chasing each other,  refusing to settle down. I booted up my laptop and began playing the Petting Petitation for a friend who was interested in learning more about it. When the dogs heard the familiar sounds, they came over and sat next to me in “Petitation posture” (one next to me and one on my lap). My friend was amazed at how quickly they settled down and how memorized they became.

Pippi and Pago know that when they hear the Petitations background music, they get my undivided attention. They love the Basic Petting Petitation where they get extra pets (usually on the belly or the head) for a prolonged period of time. They seem to prefer the long version of the Petting Petitation with the music Steve Gruskin composed. They also love the Pet Scan where they get pets and rubs all over.

All I know is that my pups are calmer and more manageable when I take the time to give them this loving and mindful attention.

I personally love the Gratitude Petitation. It is so important for me to feel all the wonderful things in my life. And, of course, when I’m most angry with my pets (This morning they chewed up a pen and I really think they mocked me while they watched me clean it up.), gratitude for them becomes even more important. I took a step back after the pen incident and did the mantras presented in the Equanimity Petitation. I was able to calm down and not over-react.

I do the Metta or loving kindness meditations almost every day now and can’t wait to share the Metta Petitation I am currently creating, which will be available in the Spring. It's a series of mantras about sharing with the living beings in your life--including yourself--your wishes for health, safety, love, and a life at ease. It is also a very useful practice when you are angry or feeling ill-will toward someone (or your pets) and want to change the tone of the relationship.

In the Spring, you will also have access to these other new Petitations: “Dog Walking”; “Appreciative Joy”; “Dealing with Anger”; and “A Petitation Program for Children and Their Pets.”

Please share your experiences with me as you and your pets explore Petitations. There is still time to send me your pet picture --- for the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

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