Thursday, October 30, 2014

This is Your Brain on Meditation: Meditating Your Way Into Health andWell-Being

Did you know that you actually change the structure of your brain when you meditate regularly? This results in better physical and emotional health and well-being.

According to recent research, when you meditate, you can grow gray matter in some parts of the brain and shrink it in others.  This is known as Neuroplasticity, the idea that your brain changes due to experiences, thoughts and emotions.   Growth in certain areas leads to increased capacity for compassion and increased self-awareness, while shrinking in others reduces stress and impulsive decision-making. Meditation can re-route neural pathways from those that lead to obsessing and worrying to those that allow you to focus on what is going on in the present moment. In fact, with time, you can change your default mode of thinking. Some athletes use meditation techniques to increase focus and “get in the zone.” It’s important to note that the research indicates that you are best off with a regular mindfulness meditation routine.

Petting Your Dog or Cat Can Result in Lower Stress and Enhanced Happiness for Your Pet and Greater Connection Between You and Your Pet by Activating Positive Hormones

I covered in the previous blog and will cover in future blogs what’s in it stroking your pet for you and your physical and emotional health, but you may be wondering what’s in it for your pet’s health and well-being. There’s research showing what as pet owners you already may know--they really, really like being pet. And, not just that, it benefits their health as much as it benefits yours.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Petitations (Pet Centered Mindfulness Meditation)

Petitating yourself and your pets into better health, lower stress, and enhanced connection with each other.

Hello and welcome to Petitations - the chocolate peanut butter cup of the mind. Petitations is a combination of mindfulness meditation and pet-centered connection, both of which have an incredible impact on the health of the body and the mind.

I’m Elisabeth Paige, your guide through Petitations. Most importantly for this work, I am a daily meditator and a proud owner (although I like to say mother--- and this has been supported by the research….tune in to future blogs) of two adorable Schipperkes, Pago and Pippi.