Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hot off the Press--Summary of 47 Studies Shows That Even With Regular Exercise, Prolonged Sitting Can Result in Higher Chance of Disease andEarly Death

Researchers from Toronto, Canada conducted a meta-analysis (here's a link to the study) where they analyzed the results of 47 studies that fit their criteria to see whether when controlling for purposeful exercise, sedentary behavior results in higher rates of disease.  They found that sedentary behavior resulted in higher rates of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease mortality, cardiovascular disease incidence, cancer mortality, cancer incidence, and type 2 diabetes incidence,  They defined sedentary behavior to be sitting while at the computer, while watching television, in the car, etc.

So, how can your pup or cat help you?

  • Walking your dog as often as possible--even short walks will help you and your pup

  • Playing with your cat's toys during television commercials-making sure to stand up

  • Playing fetch with your dog

  • Working on obedience training with your dog

  • Playing chase with your pet

  • When working at home, take five minute breaks every hour to play with your pet

  • When playing on social media, take five minute breaks every hour to play with your pet

  • Brushing your animal while standing

Any of these, done consistently, can prolong your life and limit the incidence of disease.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas about using your pet to limit sedentary behavior in the comment field below.

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