Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Petitations (Pet Centered Mindfulness Meditation)

Petitating yourself and your pets into better health, lower stress, and enhanced connection with each other.

Hello and welcome to Petitations - the chocolate peanut butter cup of the mind. Petitations is a combination of mindfulness meditation and pet-centered connection, both of which have an incredible impact on the health of the body and the mind.

I’m Elisabeth Paige, your guide through Petitations. Most importantly for this work, I am a daily meditator and a proud owner (although I like to say mother--- and this has been supported by the research….tune in to future blogs) of two adorable Schipperkes, Pago and Pippi.

I am also a researcher. I love research and will be sharing it with you throughout my blogs and newsletters. Don’t worry, I won’t mire you in boring statistics. I will get to the heart of the research and give you links and resources for further information.

This blog will be both a source of information and a place to share stories and ideas. I will be sharing with you up-to-date research on the impact of pets and mindfulness meditation on your health and well-being. Also, I will discuss how your pet can benefit from the experience of “Petitating.” You can expect blog posts every 2 weeks.

I encourage you to comment on each and every blog and send me your experiences as you “Petitate” with your four legged pals. I also would love to see your photos and will be posting them on the website. In fact, I would like to hear any of your reactions to the website and blogs.

Here are the five Petitations that can be downloaded individually for $3.99 (all 3 of the Petting Petitation will be sold together) or all 8 for $14.99. 

The Petting Petitation

When I was focusing on my breathing, I found that I was naturally stroking at least one of my pups, and that this made it easier for longer sits.  It was enjoyable for me, Pippi and Pago.  I began to suggest to my friends and acquaintances that they do the same as they struggled to develop their meditation practices and we saw positive results.   Most people who find it difficult to focus on their breath for even short periods of time can easily stroke their pet for much longer. Mindfulness meditation is all about staying in the present moment which can be greatly enhanced when the focus is on your pet. And, most pets like the undivided attention.

In this Petitation you will be focusing on your pet, and when your mind wanders labeling the thought in given categories, and then refocusing on your pet. This Petitation, in particular, helps to train the mind to focus on where you want it to be.  I've provided you with the Petting Petitation in three lengths--short, medium and long.  That way you can choose how long you want to Petitate on a give day.

It's important to remember, though, that your pet might not be in the mood for a Petitation or they may be too restless to Petitate.  In this case, you can do the Graditude Petitation or the Equanimity Petitation or just do the breathing meditation and try the Petting Petitation again later. (Basic Petting Petitation Audio Clips)

The Pet Scan

I thoroughly enjoy spending time focusing on every part of my pups' gorgeous bodies--their deep chocolate brown eyes, their pointed foxy ears--their cute bellies.  It helps make my connection to them even stronger.  Every time I do the Pet Scan (Pippi's favorite Petitation) I notice something about my pups I haven't noticed before. (Pet Scan Petitation Audio)

The Gratitude Petitation

I write a gratitude list nightly and my pups are at the top of the list.    Whenever I do the Gratitude Petitation, I spend part of the time focusing on Pippi and Pago and it always makes the difficulties of the day lessen.  Solid scientific research has taught us again and again that having more gratitude is very healthy for the body, mind, and quality of life.  When I focus my gratitude on Pippi and Pago, I think about the way they run around like lunatics when I first come home and they greet me at the door, the way Pippi licks me al over my face or curls up in my lap and does her form of purring or the way Pago runs around with his blanket (baba) in his mouth. Who else is brings so much happiness to our lives? (Gratitude Petitation Audio)      

The Equanimity/Balance Petition

We all yearn for equanimity or balance in our lives, especially when we are most angry with our pets.  None of us want to hurt our animals—physically or emotionally. I often have to deal with destructed items--the sixth bluetooth I've had to replace, the expensive headsets, my new shoes.  I have, however found that since I started doing the Equanimity Petitation, I have that sense of balance and it has helped tremendously in those difficult moments with Pippi and Pago.  It doesn't mean that they get away with it or I like it, just that I can take a quick breather and deal with them appropriately. I have also found that since I’ve been practicing the Equanimity Petitation and meditations, I am more balanced overall. (Equanimity Petitation Audio)

The Grief Petitation

I lost Hyjinx, my first schipperke when he was only 11 from bone cancer.  I was overwhelmed with grief for months.  I didn't know at the time anything about meditation.  Now I know that it is most helpful to be able to hold both the pain and sorrow with the positive memories in order to have a healthy recovery.  Not that he means any less to me, just that I am able to think about him without bursting into tears or going into a deep depression.  I don't expect that the Grief Petitation will work for you immediately, but over time, it may make things feel a little less painful. (Grief Petitation Audio)

Why did I add a breathing meditation?

We can’t always be with our pets. And, when we most need to Petitate we may not be able to or want to do an intense guided meditation. Therefore, I have added for you a basic breathing meditation where your breath is your anchor. You can use the breathing meditation I have included to focus on your breath and when your thoughts wander label as “past” or “future” and then refocus on your breath in short spurts throughout your day. (Basic Breathing Petitation)

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